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Our customers are buying a property directly from the developer. This presents one great advantage for you. Only one direct contact provides guidance and support throughout the entire purchasing process. This end to end service starts with the initial enquiry, and we will be the partner at your side during the legal transactions of signing the contract, during construction and until the day you move in. For this time and also beyond, our dedicated team is answering your questions and discussing all options. Please find out more about our current properties for sale.

Stadtgärten Am Lerchenberg in Dresden Löbtau

2 buildings - modern, versatile and optimally orientated ground plans - apartments with 2 to 5 rooms an 65 to 127m²

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Stadthäuser Trachennowe in Dresden-Trachau

In a quiet area at the Richard-Rösch-Straße a special building with totally 15 modern freehold flats with 3 to 4 rooms, varying in size from 77 to 114 m² will be developped.

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Franz-Mehring-Straße in Dresden Dobritz

The multi-family house consists of 24 residential units with 1-4 rooms and 31 - 110m² living space.

The object was taken over by a global investor.

The lease will be completed at the end of 2019 by HBH Immobilien GmbH.

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Stadthaus Lucius in Dresden-Neustadt

Stadthaus Lucius is located at the upper part of the Hechtviertel. The quiet location benefits from the proximity to the "Dresdner Heide" as well as to the new and old town of Dresden. The building consists of 18 apartments with 2 to 5 rooms varying in size from 68 to 131 m².

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Kiefernstraße in Dresden-Neustadt

Our new project Kiefernstraße is located at the new up-and-coming part of the "Hechtviertel". Here lots of modern residential buildings were developped in the past few years. The quiet location benefits from the proximity to the "Dresdner Heide" as well as to the new and old town of Dresden. Our object consists of only 9 apartments with 3 to 5 rooms varying in size from 89 to 130 m².

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QUARTIER AM BEUTLERPARK in Dresden-Südvorstadt

The property Schnorrstraße is located in Dresden-Südvorstadt, secluded between Prager Straße, “Großer Garten” and “Beutlerpark”. After completion, the property on Schnorrstraße will consist of modern apartments with 2-4 rooms, varying in size from 68 to 106 m².

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As a local property developer, we have extended knowledge of the property market in the Saxon capital. We carefully select the most attractive locations for our projects in Dresden. HBH Immobilien sets and meets high architectural standards for new developments and refurbishment projects. Our customers can choose from different apartment sizes and interior design options. You decide to purchase an apartment from us and we integrate your ideas and expectations regarding the interior design. Speak with us and share your ideas of your dream home. We aim to create the perfect apartment for you, a place where you can feel truly at home.



You don’t want to occupy the property yourself, but purchase an apartment as an investment? We are here to assist you! Thanks to our broad experience of the property market in Dresden, we know which factors influence and promote the value and the price performance of your property. Invest with HBH Immobilien GmbH and we will provide support and guidance during the purchasing process and the financing.